Our Team

Amy Anderson

Amy is the Managing Director of ReSchool Colorado, a multi-year initiative launched in 2013 to create an entirely new statewide education system. Amy is responsible for leading the discovery-driven process that results in the vision, design, and strategy for ReSchool Colorado. Although she has a broad array of expertise, Amy has focused on the policy aspect of creating a new education system and the system components that requires us to reimagine, such as governance and finance.

Prior to launching ReSchool, Amy was Associate Commissioner at the Colorado Department of Education where she created and led the Division of Innovation, Choice, and Engagement. Her work there resulted in the creation of a statewide vision and strategy to personalize learning and ignite the unique potential of each student through Expanded Learning Opportunities. Before her time at CDE, Amy had her first stint with the Donnell-Kay Foundation as the Director of Strategic Partnerships where she launched the Foundation’s work on blended learning. She also worked as a senior consultant with Augenblick, Palaich, and Associates, and led new school development efforts for the Colorado League of Charter Schools.

Amy is a founder of The Odyssey School, a Denver charter school started in 1998 where both her children attended and she served for many years on the board of directors. She currently serves on the board of directors for the International Association of K12 Online Learning (iNACOL). Amy holds a Ph.D. and M.Ed. from the University of Colorado and a B.A. from the University of Wisconsin.

Selam Gebre

Selam serves as Entrepreneur in Residence at ReSchool Colorado and is thrilled to spend most her time working on Blueprint4SummerCO. In her role, Selam is leading efforts to coordinate and curate the “out of school” landscape of learning opportunities for all youth, starting with the summer space. Selam deeply believes all people should feel empowered to be their own advocates to thrive in all parts of their lives.

Prior to this work, Selam worked on the Academic Product and Operations team at Guild Education, a Denver-Based edtech company. In this space, Selam worked on innovative course design and enrollment processes within their learning management system. Prior to Guild, Selam taught English to phenomenal high school students in Atlanta as a Teach for America Corps Member. As a teacher, Selam designed her school’s African American Studies and SAT Prep courses, and spearheaded a community forum tasked to explore ways to align current lived experiences with academic standards.

Selam is an Atlanta native and holds a B.A from Cornell University.

Jessica Fuller

Jessica’s work is largely focused on project management, including developing and implementing communications plans that raise awareness and tell the story about the work. Jessica’s time is mostly spent on ReSchool Colorado. She is deeply committed to ensuring our education system is structured in such a way that it can stay relevant with current societal needs and trends, and adequately prepares individuals to be healthy, fulfilled, contributing members of society. She believes that we have to think about how education interacts with and affects other systems, such as community, human services and labor, so that resources can be maximized and learners receive intentional supports to help them reach their personal goals.

Jessica previously worked at the Colorado Department of Education in a variety of roles, interacting with various education stakeholders on projects supporting a lot of different populations. She helped manage federally and state-funded dollars supporting adult education programming which assists adults who need support in attaining basic academic skills, are English Language Learners, and are obtaining skills to further employment, education and training, and/or the ability to engage more fully in their family, community and children’s education. Jessica also worked in the Commissioner’s Office supporting the Commissioner of Education and worked with innovation and charter schools when she worked in the Schools of Choice Office. Prior to CDE, Jessica worked with a non-profit providing high school equivalency testing to youth and adult offenders.

Jessica is a proud Colorado native and graduated from Colorado State University.

Our Story

It is more than what happens in the classroom that contributes to a well-rounded education. As ReSchool Colorado has partnered with families over the years, we have witnessed growing gaps in opportunity between learners who have access to a variety of enrichment experiences that keep them engaged in learning during the summer months and their peers who do not get the opportunity to engage in organized summer learning_._ Fun and diverse summertime opportunities ensure that kids will develop their own creative pursuits, expand their sense of self in the world around them, and build meaningful relationships. Each summer we allow some students to remain isolated from learning, opportunity and achievement gaps widen. We seek to interrupt this inequity for all learners in Colorado.

Blueprint4SummerCO is designed to be an easy to use mobile friendly website that expands access to summer learning and fun to ALL learners. We are eager to work with a spectrum of summer learning providers in the area to expand learning opportunities, especially to learners who have been historically absent from enriching summer activities. Blueprint4SummerCO was built with the generous support and partnership of community leaders and organizations who want to help Colorado kids succeed.

Our Partners and Investors

Donnell Kay Foundation
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Walton Family Foundation
James Walton
Impact Charitable
Friedman Family Foundation
Denver Afterschool Alliance

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